My own conscious parenting journey led me to clearly see that every time I tried to control my teens, it didn’t work and isolated us from each other.

Conversely, every time I shared my heart, including my fears without defense, we grew closer and solved problems together.

I learned the difference between attempts at parental control and true parental responsibility.

As a sociologist, I know that we co-create our relationships with our tweens, teens, and young adults whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

“This generation will only tolerate co-creation.” – Dr. Shefali Tsabary

What is co-creation? Most simply, it means we create and grow our relationships with equal engagement by both parties. Specifically, as it applies to parents and adolescents today, parents and teens are each responsible for defining their relationship.

Both parents and teens have distinctive roles to play in defining how to interact.

The purpose of adolescence is to experiment with entering the world while having the support of home. This requires them to define themselves away from us. That can create friction as parents assert their natural roles as protectors and teachers, and provide ever-changing opportunities to let go and engage.

That’s the dance of parenting adolescents.

Dances have steps and choreography. This course will offer you the structure of the dance through co-creation communication skills.

By applying and mastering your new co-creation communication skills, you and your tween, teen, or young adult can leap forward in free form to build the foundation of a loving adult relationship.

It just so happens that co-creation skills also help teens interact with others and develop emotional intelligence which will help them enter adulthood.

The course will drop September 1st.