The Authentic Life

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Uncaging Your Self + Your Partner and Kids in the Process!

This course is for you if:

  • You’re feeling stuck in your marriage or relationship, unsure of what to do next
  • You don’t know what to do to make your partner or child behave better
  • You know you want to parent differently than your parents did, or have a relationship that is better than theirs was
  • You just cannot get on the same page as your partner about anything since the kids were born
  • You are ready to divorce if something doesn’t change
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In it, you’ll learn:

  • What the cage is and WHY we do the things we do because of our childhood experiences
  • Why you got married and how the unconscious intention behind it is causing a fracture in your partnership
  • How a baby puts incredible pressure on a relationship, revealing its cracks
  • How to respond rather than react when your spouse or child makes you feel anger or rage
  • How to go from lack to abundance and move out of conditions ripe for depression
  • Why what you think love is is holding you back from happiness
  • How to identify and meet your needs without causing suffering for your children
  • Where you fall on the narcissist-empath spectrum and how to get out of the roles you’ve both been playing
  • How to set and hold boundaries and limits for yourself and your children
  • What your emotions mean and how to regulate them as well as how to be your child’s emotion coach
  • Understand your patterns and why certain behaviors trigger you
  • How to use the relationship you have to grow before repeating the same patterns with another
  • Practical matters like balancing household chores and financial stress
  • Why we have addictions and how to help your spouse through theirs or begin to heal yours
  • How to re-establish trust and create honest and open lines of communication, with your child or spouse
  • What to do if you’ve been cheated on or are thinking about cheating
  • How to connect with sex and set rewarding intentions for intimacy
  • If divorce is best for you or your child and when, if at all, to have one
  • How to release the lessons from your current relationship so you can move on into new journeys together
  • How to communicate so you each feel seen, heard, and loved
  • Why there may still be doubt about the relationship when the other person won’t grow
  • How to create a new and rewarding partnership


Beth Rowles is a Certified Conscious Parent & Relationship Coach and the Founder of The Family Alchemists and FamilyBeing. She specializes in parents of children ages 0-6 and couples that are on the brink of divorce. Prior to moving into this field, she was a radio frequency engineer for a large wireless company for 14 years. She's been married for nine years and has two little children under six. They live outside of Cleveland, Ohio.


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