Step Into Your Light- A Self Development Course for Busy Parents

Step into your light

“Every time I’ve done this program it’s literally shone a light on beautiful truths and enabled me to release what isn’t serving me. Working with Christina is true alchemy!” – past participant

Scattered. Overwhelmed. Stressed… lost to knowing who you are anymore.

A parent’s life can quickly become a heavy list of to-dos and they can feel like they’ve lost a sense of self.
As a conscious parent though, your own journey and inner work is one of the most important elements you can embark on for your kids.
In this 4 part program you’ll be given tools to connect to a deeper sense of YOU, and start to know yourself for who you really are; a spiritual being ready to have a full physical experience.

You’ll learn how to release negative beliefs and experiences that have held you back and you’ll also be learning simple focuses and techniques to move forward with a sense of authenticity, presence and joy.

This 4 part course is created to give you concrete tools in self development, inner connection, releasing the shadows that have been holding you back and the ability to shine in your now as you create a happy future.

The course has been designed to encourage and support you through simple to watch videos, downloadable Mp3 versions of the lesson (so you can listen while cleaning or in the car) and easy to complete PDF worksheets, which contain simple exercises as well as focus ideas, crafts and journal prompts, all designed to help you dive deeper and know your inner self.

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons
  • Preview- What's this course about.  Play the above video to hear Christina describe the intention of this course and how we can all feel relief by Stepping into the light of who we really are. 0/0

  • Lesson 1- Reigniting Your Inner Flame and Reconnecting to Who You Really Are  Past the "shoulds" and the to-do lists, even past the beliefs you were raised with, there is an inner spark of life that is unique to you. In this first lesson, Christina will offer you tools, questions, journal prompts and exercises to help you gain new insight into Who You Really Are and how you can find YOU every day with ease. 0/1

  • Lesson 2- Releasing The Shadows  Criticism, negative mind chatter, past memories that seem to shape us in the now. We all have things we try to forget, but they seem to trigger us at the worst time; often with our children. In this Lesson, Christina takes you slowly into the shadows of your life, helps you find relief, and release and reunite with your own inner child. 0/1

  • Lesson 3- Loving The Life You Live  Your life is this present moment and no matter what dreams are to come and what you have already left behind, finding presence in the here and now 0/1

  • Lesson 4- Dancing in Your Own Brilliance   Remember joy? Remember fun? Just because you have different roles to play and more things to do doesn't mean you can't dream, love and live a life of joy. In this lesson Christina shares some secret tools to finding joy in the moment and build towards your dreams of the future. 0/1


Christina Fletcher is a Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer who specializes in helping parents become heart centered and aligned to their highest vision of their parenting and of themselves. Through her background and training in religious and self development studies, as well as spirituality and conscious parenting, Christina helps parents dive past the "shoulds" created from their upbringing and society, and release beliefs that hold them back to create authentic, connected relationships with their children, and themselves. Christina gives space for a mom or dad to drop into the feeling of satisfaction, alignment and relief, so they can tune in to Christina is a homeschooling mom of 2 daughters, (ages 16 and 15) and a 9 year old son. She is happily married to her husband Jeff. Christina is passionate about helping parents create deep relationships with their children, from birth until fully grown. But she also knows that deep relationships with others can only be formed from a deep relationship with yourself, so through courses, coaching and her writing, she offers tools for the entire family so they can truly become self aware and present as everything they really are.


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